Monthly Archives: February 2019

What’s new?

I used to run my blog at but sadly forgot to pay the hosting fee and it was wiped off the server that was hosting it. I started this up a few years back hoping that I would get back into blogging or building cool stuff and open sourcing it. Sadly being a one man army of coders leaves little free time to build stuff just to make something cool.

In 2012 I moved to Nicaragua with the goal of building a software company that makes systems for small casinos at a super affordable price. My plan was to spend 2 years working on to get it up and going then reevaluate and see what I wanted to do next. I am now still living here 7 years later and the company while not likely to make me a billionaire or even a millionaire anytime soon is stable and profitable.

Living in a country like is amazing for having an amazingly high quality of life on the cheap. I make way less money than I did living in the states but live WAY WAY better here than I ever did in the states.

Currently I am still the only coder in the company and have to do full stack apps on both the client devices and the server platform. Doing so is a massive time suck as anyone that has done so in the past can I’m sure relate to. But this year I want to try to have a bit more balance in my life. To that end I am hoping to set aside some time to build some cool stuff. I am planning to release some cool tooling in the code gen space and likely also something using the WPF core stuff that I think has AMAZING potential.

Apart from work I am renting a totally amazing house and trying to spend time with friends. Also I am on a year long trek to get really and truly in shape. I am down so far this year about 50lbs and while that is not even the halfway point for me I am sticking with it.