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So I somehow let my old blog’s (internet archive) hosting lapse due to the craziness of my current workload. I was sad about this… and while I still own the domain name and could just turn it back on, I am at a different point in my life personally and professionally.

I now live oversees and there are not a lot of speaking opportunities here where I live about the cool stuff that I am building. When I started my old blog it was an outlet for my creative energies as I was in a job that didn’t really tax my creativity at the time.

Since then I have worked in two different companies that both offered a great deal of fun problems to solve. Now I am the founder and general make stuff work programmer dude for my own company. I have built a lot of really cool stuff over the last 2 years and have a lot of really cool tidbits that I would like to start sharing. I decided to start trying to blog again and that is why I launched this blog.

In the future you can expect me to post related to:

  • Android application development, custom rom building, and generally how to go about using it as an embedded platform to build a (non tablet/phone/wearable/TV) product on top of.
  • Database related goodness – SQL, MySQL, mongo, or other
  • NET – I still use it to build the server side of my application
  • Knockoutjs – cause it is awesome and I love it.
  • Adventures in owning & running a 3rd world tech startup
  • Cool hardware related stuff!!!!

For the next month or two I will be pretty busy but after that I am hoping to open source VERY simple no external dependency required HTTP server for android that also has a dumbed down MVC application framework (it is pure Java and allows you to serve up a mix of static html, JSON data, and html with knockout models.) to bring you all the CURD goodness that MVC applications are so good at building.

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